Cory Photography with Tom and Pat Cory

Looking through a car windshield, Ireland, 2018

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Newsletter, Winter, 2019, Page 2

 Wildlife Photography Workshop March 16, 2019


 We are again partnering with the folks at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, here in Chattanooga, for a Wildlife Photography Workshop to be held March 16 from 9:00 until 12:30. This workshop begins with an instructional program on photographing wildlife to be followed by an opportunity to photography some of the birds and critters at the Nature Center. Handlers will help position the subjects for you to be able to get some great photos. Part of the proceeds from the workshop go to provide food for your subjects.


Lenses for Olympus 4/3 cameras


 While we still have our Canon cameras, we (and our backs) certainly have been enjoying our Olympus 4/3 cameras. The only problem we’ve had is that with the smaller camera body we sometimes accidentally press the wrong button. The reduced weight and size on these fast telephoto lenses is great and we have been impressed with the quality of our results. Plus, it’s a lot easier to travel with these lenses than with comparable full sized lenses when flying to your destination. Olympus has announced some new lenses but so far we are happy with the Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 (which becomes the 80-300 f/2.8 with the doubling of the sensor), the 300mm f/4 (600mm f/4) and the Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-f5.6 (200-600mm f/4-f5.6).


IDing your Birds


 There are several apps that will help you to identify a bird. We have found Merlin Bird ID to be helpful. You answer a few questions such as where and when you spotted the bird, the size, the main colors (up to 3) what the bird was doing and it brings up a series of photos of possible birds. You can even play the call of the birds which can also help you to identify the species. Or, what is really cool is you can take a photo and it will attempt to ID the bird from the photo. It does take a bit of space on your device but so far it’s been worth it.


 Winter Photography Ideas


 Our photographer friend, Todd Pierce, says there is no such thing as ‘bad weather’, just ‘bad clothing’. So with the right clothes you can enjoy winter photography.

One subject that can be very nice in the winter is a waterfall. The winter is often the ‘rainy’ season so there is a lot of water in the falls. We typically will use a polarizer to cut out the reflections around the waterfall at any time of the year. You also can get some interesting results from using 10x filters which give very long exposure times. Both Hoya and Tiffen make these filters. And after a cold snap there can be some interesting ice patterns in the frozen falls.


 If you do only have ‘bad clothing’ you might try doing some macro or still lifes. All you need is a north facing window with some nice light coming in, a plain background, and a table to place some interesting objects. Most of us have plenty of objects around the house but if you are in need of more, Hobby Lobby and eBay can be good sources.


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