Birds, Madera Canyon 2018

Cory Photography with Tom and Pat Cory

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Newsletter, Winter 2018, Page 1

January 31, 2018 Newsletter 61


In this newsletter you will find:


The New Sony RX-10 Mark IV

Some Pretty Cool Photography Opportunities

Programs for Camera Clubs

Local Workshops for 2018




Wow, how can it have been over a year since we sent out the last newsletter? We are still here and doing fine. We have been traveling a lot, been busy with lots of new projects, and can now see much better after both of us have had cataract surgery.


 We hope that you have been enjoying your photography as much as we have. Among other subjects our year has been filled with lots of birds and airplanes. We have gone to several birding hot spots including some close to home and some even in our back yard. You might consider attending a program or event sponsored by birders to learn more about birds and where to find them. For example, the Tennessee Ornithological Society is presenting a ‘Weekend Adventure’ April 20-22 in Chattanooga.


 One of our highlights this past year was the solar eclipse.  We were fortunate that it was close to home and that we had mostly clear skies.  It was quite an experience. We hope that you were able to see the super blue blood moon this morning. Here it is before it went behind the trees.




 We recently spent a week in Arizona. It was nice to thaw out a bit as we have been having a colder than normal winter here in Tennessee.  Below we will mention a few of the places that proved to be great for photography along with some other opportunities.


 Erlanger Hospital has continued decorating a number of their units with large photographs from local photographers. We are honored to have had several of our photographs included in their permanent collections and some of their rotating exhibits.


 We have a new mailing address.  We have closed out our P.O. Box so the address to use now is 2910 Kell Road, Signal Mountain, TN 37377.


 Hopefully it will not quite as long before you hear from us again.  In the meantime, enjoy your photography and consider supporting the environmental organizations of your choice.


 Tom and Pat


 The New Sony DSC-RX10 Mark IVRX10 IV


 In the last newsletter we sang the praises of the Sony RX-10 Mark III. Tom enjoyed that camera so much that he had to have the newest version, the Mark, IV, which recently came out. I encouraged this so I could inherit his Mark III.


 The RX-10 is a terrific travel camera going from 24mm to 600mm at f/2-f/4 with no lens to change to risk getting gunk on your sensor or having the ‘wrong’ lens on your camera.



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