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Newsletter, Fall, 2018, Page 1

Leaf Abstract, 2018

August 27, 2018 Newsletter 62


In this newsletter you will find:


Thoughts on Creativity

Photo Club Newsletters as a Resource

BigPicture: Natural World Photograph Exhibit

A Few Local Locations for Fall Photography

Stopping When You See Something of Interest

Local Workshops for 2018-2019




 We hope that you had an enjoyable spring and summer with your photography. We had a trip to Texas for some bird photography and bluebonnets in April and a trip to Ireland for some new locations in June. The rest of our summer photography has been local, photographing our local soccer team and birds and flowers around our home. We even set up an area to make some still lives to challenge ourselves with a different subject. While we love to travel and are about to hit the road quite a bit this fall, it’s amazing how many interesting subjects are relatively close to home.


 Enjoy your fall photography!


 Tom and Pat




 Thoughts on Creativity


 To be creative means to convey more than information in your image: it means to convey emotion.

Have endless curiosity and become exceptionally observant.

Consider, but don’t be controlled by criticism, either self-criticism or the criticism of others.

Embrace ‘positive’ failure. Take imaging risks.

Be flexible. If the moose doesn’t show up, photograph the stream.

Hang around positive, interesting, creative people; avoid negative, critical people.

Creativity exercises:

Do something out of the ordinary—take a different way home, go to a museum that ‘doesn’t’ interest you, buy a magazine about a hobby you don’t have.

Practice different types of photography. If you usually image nature, try photographing architecture. Or take images with your least used lens for a day.

Try your camera’s ‘art’ options. Try all of them on the same subject



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